I visited Spaichingen in January 2008. My trip began on Thursday, January 31, after several delays, including an unexpected ICE train ride from Frankfurt to Stuttgart at 250 km/h, I was met by Ulrich Sauter in Stuttgart for the car ride to Spaichingen.

I stayed at a very nice hotel in town called Hotel Kreuz. The hotel was ideally situated since this weekend happened to be the climax of the Fasnet celebrations (sort of a German Mardi Gras).

I toured the factory with Ulrich on Friday. That night, we had a great meal on the Klippeneck. Klippeneck has a great tradition of soaring dating from the 1920's. Saturday included fun on a local mountain top and a trip to the Zeppelin museum in Friedrichshafen during their Fasnet Umzug (parade). Saturday night brought us to a restaurant on another mountain to the west of Spaichingen. This restaurant/hotel is housed near the ruins of a castle (Hohenkarpfen). I can unhesitatingly recommend this restaurant. The menu is wonderful and I had a pleasant surpirse of having Schmalz served which I hadn't had since my youth. I spent Sunday morning strolling around Spaichingen and checking out the Sts. Peter and Paul church. The Spaichinger Umzug began at about 13:30. I had the extreme pleasure of having dinner with family on Sunday night. The menu reminded me so much of home when I was growing up. I returned to Stuttgart late on Sunday night for a very early return flight on Monday morning. Is it just me or is our airline system broken. Not just a delay on the return but outright cancellation and wound up driving home to Traverse City from Chicago.

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